How to redeem loyalty points


1.   Sign in to your account.

2.   Click YOUR NAME at the top right corner or "My account" to enter "My account " page.

3.   Click "My Loyalty Points".


4.   You can view your collection of loyalty point here.

      Awaiting validation >> Please wait the item to be ship.

      Available >> You may transform the point into voucher.

5.   Click "Transform my points into a voucher of RM...".

6.  Click "OK" to confirm.

7.   At the bottom of the page, your voucher code will be displayed.

8.   During the check out for your next order, click "FIDxxxxx - Loyalty Point Rebate" to use the code.

9.  Proceed checkout and payment.

You are done!

Q & A

Q1:   When can I use the point?
A1:   When we already ship out your items, the point status will be update to "Available".

Q2:   What is the minimum spending if I want to use the voucher?
A2:   Minimum spending of RM 30 in your next order.

Q3:   When is the expiry date for the voucher?
A3:   100 days from the day you generate the voucher.

Q4:  I already receive my parcel, but the point status still in "Awaiting validation"?
A4:  Please contact to our customer service so that we can proceed checking for you.

Q5:  Expired date for the points?
A5:  90 days.