How to make order

1.   Click "Add to cart" for the product you wish to purchase.

2.   Click the your "Cart" to check out. 

3.   Click "Check out" to proceed the order.

4.   Click "Proceed to checkout" after checking color, quantity, model and availability.

5.   If you not register yet, please fill in email address and click "Create an account".

      If you registered, please "Sign-in" into your account.

6.   Please fill in your details such as name, password and birthday and click “Register” to proceed.

7a.  Please fill in your details such as full address and phone number.
7b.   Click “Register” to proceed.

8.   Checking your delivery address and phone number and click "Proceed to checkout".

9a.   Pick the shipping option based on your budget.
9b.   Tick to agree the "Terms of Services" after reading it.
9c.   Click "Proceed to checkout" after picking the shipping option based on budget.

10.   Choose the payment option that you wish to make payment.

11.   Click "I confirm my order" to submit your order to us.

12.   Your order has been sucessfully made. Please make payment in 36 hours and we will process your order immediately. Thank you.

13.   Thank you and have a nice day!